Lisa Ann Merian
I have been a fiber artist and raising sheep for over 30 years. Being raised on a farm in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, I have a connection to nature and it’s natural beauty. Though the land, the relationship with the land and the animals are key elements in my life.
Inspiration for color in my hand dyed woolen’s, fibers, felts and yarns are from the landscape and it’s ever so changing seasons.
The land for the sheep to graze, the weather changes all have an impact on food for sheep, the wool they produce and the use of plants for natural Dyes are effected by the growing season. I depend on the land, the environment for a way of life. I use natural dyes and earth friendly non-toxic dyes.
I enjoy passing on what I have learned over the years, with children and adults in workshops. Raising sheep, processing the wool, hand dyeing, felting, spinning, weaving, knitting and rug hooking. Knowing that it will be kept alive, inspiring others, it is so rewarding.
I have worked hard to maintain quality in our products and look forward to the time honored tradition.
To all of our customers, Thank you for your support, enabling us to continue our way of life. We look forward to the future with great enthusiasm, inspiration and a will to create.
Candace Cain
Candace Cain’s Metalsmithing is artistically hand forged, hand hammered, and or solder working with various metals such as Brass,Copper and Sterling Sliver. Simplistic lightweight designs lend themselves to elegant occasions and casual everyday living.
Candace’s Fiber Art work “Mistress of the Barn” includes Spinning,Knitting and Felting. Created in her studio, on her small farm  in upstate New York she is surrounded by inspiration for her creations.
Scenes From the Farm