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Earthy Autumn Moss

Hand Dyed and Blended Polwarth
Carded Batt
Heather Shades of Browns, Tans and Golds
7 1/2 ounces $5.00 per ounce
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“Gotland” wool silver gray wet felts well, needle felts, suitable for spinning is a bit coarse to the touch. Would wear well for outer wear.

Sold by the ounce.

Hot Chili Peppers and Salsa


Hand Dyed
Corriedale-Finn-Rambouillet Carded Wool Batt
Chartreuse Yellows, Olive Greens, Wisps of Teal-Turquois, Deep Oranges, Golds, and Reds
10 ounces pre weighed batt $5.00 per ounce